Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Essential Questions (2nd revision)

This post was to show you which idea i picked and trough what process. If you can't see it the chosen product is (as shown in an earlier post) is the manual counter.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As You can see the person is short and has to
reach up to use the cabinet and it is tough to reach the
top part to the cabinet.

so this is to show the proportions of the product.

Pictures of actual product

This the entire kitchen set

Version 2: This is the actual product with the manual adjustable cabinets

Version 2: This is the automated counter the original design

Version 2 and 3 (the feasible one) and the entire kitchen set and how the cabinets are integrated.

The second image being the chosen one.

Product design

My product design is a overhead kitchen cabinet that can move so that the elderly can reach the cabinet at ease whilst saving space as we can use the inaccessible space near the celling while still making it easy to reach.

I came up with this idea while thinking about how i saw my grandmother trying to reach for something in the overhead cabinets.

I thought that it would be good to bring it down and just leave it there but then realized that it would be too messy if i had just brought down all the cups and plates and such.

At first i thought i could invent a robotic arm inside the cabinet to bring the cups and plates down but that would be too expensive so i decided to come up with a system that will enable the cabinet to move up and down. I stuck to the automated feature of it moving up and down automatically but then changed it to manual for ease of a working model as well as lower cost.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Tribute to the Elderly and how to help them

They should create elderly friendly homes which will help to make the lives of the elderly more manageable such as something that will create ease when getting to the toilet or having ease when it comes to accessing higher cupboards.

Convenience for elderly to help them to make the world more accessible to them. things such as the recent bus update the wheelchair friendly bus would be helpful to the elderly.

Caring for the elderly with methods such as cheaper medicine and this will make the life expectancy of singapore due to the longer life spans f our elderly.

There should be more activities for the elderly to participate in rather than having nothing to do all day. But such activities should not consist of things like cleaning services.

To make our HDB's more accessible for the elderly we should build more ramps and create more lifts in order to help them.

We can care for them using the volunteer work form various schools around singapore as that would be cost free service for the elderly. While helping the students to gain CIP hours.

We can also lower the price of products and services for the elderly to make it more affordable for them.

I can care for them using the volunteer work as that would be cost free service for the elderly. While helping the me to gain CIP hours.

I can create a elderly friendly product to that is cheap and that will improve their lives

I can ask the school to bring us to more volunteer centers more often

Elderly Challenge part 1

I would like to highlight the one that says how can we shape the society such that it is more elderly friendly friendly because this will help to make it easier for the elderly to get around and such so it is not such an inconvenience to move around some solutions are already in place such as the wheel chair friendly busses. they should also build more train stations around the part of the neighborhood that is not near very popular areas and at places that will require it more such as elderly homes hospitals and clinics .

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010



1) BAG

P Cool looking /Nice to touch/Black and looks sleek Functional works in 2 ways. Bag ... normal ... or ... LAPTOP BAG!
I Does not spoil too easily and can carry the alot of weight.
E It does not like to be dropped it will eventually reach its breaking point and then it will break apart and there will be a hole
It was also given to me by my Aunt.
S ------------NIL-------------

2) XboX 360

P Nice white smooth and sleek matches my walls and has a nice sticker on it.
I It thinks about what to kill me with on the game and it can also win a race against me! : )
E I got it for Completion of my PSLE : D
S I can use it for social networking and i can play collaborative games on it.

1) Mrt station

P Nice building and is modern
I Has computers to control the train and has a fail safe system as well as a safety system.
E Bored and a little (Sian) hoping to get to the destination quick
S Not much to socialize with...

2) Watching the movie

P looks realistic and surreal also it has good sound and looks very nice
I The movie's plot gets me thinking alot about what will happen next and gets my excited
E Gets me emotional at the emotional parts and we can like feel the emotion coming from the film
S We talk to our friends watching the movie too and come to conclusions

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#4 ADMT 'doing research' Matthew's view

Campaign 1

The Ministry of the Environment spent S$650,000 (US$365,000) over a a month to promote the campaign. The campaign was a natural outgrowth of Tree Planting Day, an annual event initiated by Lee Kuan Yew in the early l970s. Another early initiative was the government’s clean rivers project (the much needed clean-up of the Singapore River and Kallang Basin), begun in 1977 and completed a decade later.

Policy 1

In singapore environmental policy-making, regulatory and economic instruments are two main types of tools used to achieve policy goals. It looks at the country's various urban environmental policies in the spheres of population, natural resources, technology, consumption, and transportation.

Understanding Research

1) What is RESEARCH? (Please use your own definition/s!)
Research is finding more information about the subject

2) Why do you think research is important?
It is important as we need to find out more about the subject or we could come to the wrong conclusion.

3) How can we conduct good research?
We can go to library or search the internet but we must search from multiple sources

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ADMT Environment 1

What is ADMT to me?
art and design are quite close to each other so i will summarize both together
they are things like: bed sheet, wallpapers, screen savers etc.
Art is mostly :
abstract art eg. [random colours and shapes that look good]
And concept art which can be used in designing things before adding them into media or making a product eg. [concept car or game concept art]
and portraits or skylines nature etc.
media can be: music, animation, movie making, game making, etc.
technology: used in media, used for creating products etc.
Why is ADMT important? without ADMT we would be bored to death and we would be cave man or we could die
What are the skills that you would want to learn in ADMT?
rendering, perspective, sketching, shadow and [light source] how to create good designs
animation, and sound effects how to make technology green
and ye the pic has no problem thats the world if theres no amdt