Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Essential Questions (2nd revision)

This post was to show you which idea i picked and trough what process. If you can't see it the chosen product is (as shown in an earlier post) is the manual counter.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As You can see the person is short and has to
reach up to use the cabinet and it is tough to reach the
top part to the cabinet.

so this is to show the proportions of the product.

Pictures of actual product

This the entire kitchen set

Version 2: This is the actual product with the manual adjustable cabinets

Version 2: This is the automated counter the original design

Version 2 and 3 (the feasible one) and the entire kitchen set and how the cabinets are integrated.

The second image being the chosen one.

Product design

My product design is a overhead kitchen cabinet that can move so that the elderly can reach the cabinet at ease whilst saving space as we can use the inaccessible space near the celling while still making it easy to reach.

I came up with this idea while thinking about how i saw my grandmother trying to reach for something in the overhead cabinets.

I thought that it would be good to bring it down and just leave it there but then realized that it would be too messy if i had just brought down all the cups and plates and such.

At first i thought i could invent a robotic arm inside the cabinet to bring the cups and plates down but that would be too expensive so i decided to come up with a system that will enable the cabinet to move up and down. I stuck to the automated feature of it moving up and down automatically but then changed it to manual for ease of a working model as well as lower cost.