Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ADMT Environment 1

What is ADMT to me?
art and design are quite close to each other so i will summarize both together
they are things like: bed sheet, wallpapers, screen savers etc.
Art is mostly :
abstract art eg. [random colours and shapes that look good]
And concept art which can be used in designing things before adding them into media or making a product eg. [concept car or game concept art]
and portraits or skylines nature etc.
media can be: music, animation, movie making, game making, etc.
technology: used in media, used for creating products etc.
Why is ADMT important? without ADMT we would be bored to death and we would be cave man or we could die
What are the skills that you would want to learn in ADMT?
rendering, perspective, sketching, shadow and [light source] how to create good designs
animation, and sound effects how to make technology green
and ye the pic has no problem thats the world if theres no amdt

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