Monday, January 25, 2010



1) BAG

P Cool looking /Nice to touch/Black and looks sleek Functional works in 2 ways. Bag ... normal ... or ... LAPTOP BAG!
I Does not spoil too easily and can carry the alot of weight.
E It does not like to be dropped it will eventually reach its breaking point and then it will break apart and there will be a hole
It was also given to me by my Aunt.
S ------------NIL-------------

2) XboX 360

P Nice white smooth and sleek matches my walls and has a nice sticker on it.
I It thinks about what to kill me with on the game and it can also win a race against me! : )
E I got it for Completion of my PSLE : D
S I can use it for social networking and i can play collaborative games on it.

1) Mrt station

P Nice building and is modern
I Has computers to control the train and has a fail safe system as well as a safety system.
E Bored and a little (Sian) hoping to get to the destination quick
S Not much to socialize with...

2) Watching the movie

P looks realistic and surreal also it has good sound and looks very nice
I The movie's plot gets me thinking alot about what will happen next and gets my excited
E Gets me emotional at the emotional parts and we can like feel the emotion coming from the film
S We talk to our friends watching the movie too and come to conclusions

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