Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#4 ADMT 'doing research' Matthew's view

Campaign 1

The Ministry of the Environment spent S$650,000 (US$365,000) over a a month to promote the campaign. The campaign was a natural outgrowth of Tree Planting Day, an annual event initiated by Lee Kuan Yew in the early l970s. Another early initiative was the government’s clean rivers project (the much needed clean-up of the Singapore River and Kallang Basin), begun in 1977 and completed a decade later.

Policy 1

In singapore environmental policy-making, regulatory and economic instruments are two main types of tools used to achieve policy goals. It looks at the country's various urban environmental policies in the spheres of population, natural resources, technology, consumption, and transportation.

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  1. Can you explain a little bit more on the policies? Perhaps some more information could be be obtained to explain this.